Review: Kringle Cosy Cabin


My very first scented candle review ❤
It is an obsession that is getting out of hand/wallet so I decided I might as well share my candle experience with you.

Kringle Cosy Cabin (daylight candle +/- 12 hours burning time)
Notes description according to their website:
Brown sugar, vanilla bean and warm cinnamon accords embrace rich wood notes as a smoky inkling adds the perfect finish. Cozy Cabin is sure to give anyone a serious case of the snuggles.


Oh boy, do I want to snuggle or what!!! This scent is absolutely delicious.
Before I get more into my review, here is a little back story:

I was given this little daylight candle as a present from someone I met via Instagram as we share the same passion for perspex jewellery and scented candles. (She also introduced me to Yankee Candle. Many more reviews of that brand will definitely follow!)
Before I received this cute candle from her I was completely unfamiliar with this brand. After she asked me what sort of scents I like (warm, cosy, non-cinnamon, sweet) she kindly sent me this scent to try. I actually received it during the summer months but I waited until winter to burn it.
Sadly the first time I burned it in my living room I couldn’t smell it. This size candle seems too small to fill the space with the draught and high windows. So I moved it to the bedroom. And sadly not much improvement there. Because it smells so delicious on cold sniff I went to my last resort and chopped the rest of the candle up and I am now using it in my electric wax burner.

Official review thoughts: LOVE IT! No seriously, L. to the. O. to the, well you get it.
I only used a little bit in my burner and within minutes my living room started to smell like an incredible cosy eh, cabin. It is very draughty at the moment and I don’t have my heater on. Usually these conditions have an effect on the scent strength but I can smell it very strong.
I definitely pick up on the sweet brown sugar and vanilla with a smokey finish. For someone who detests cinnamon I can barely smell it in this candle. I would say this is the perfect evening winter scent and I am definitely planning on ordering some more next winter. An absolute (scent)love at first side/sniff as this one is right up my street and nose!

I did find one downside though about burning this scent during day time: I am feeling so cosy right now that I don’t really want to get up from the sofa and do my laundry…

Kringle candles official website:

Kringle candles can also be ordered within the Netherlands via:

If there are any other Dutch companies and websites that are selling Kringle and you would like to be mentioned in my blog then please feel free to get in touch. I am quite new with my reviews and discovering scented candle brands so I am not completely up to date yet with all retailers.

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